Apply to become an Academy

Local authority maintained schools can apply to become an academy by:

  • joining an existing multi-academy trust
  • forming a new multi-academy trust with other schools
  • becoming a single academy trust

You can invite the trust or other contributors to complete parts of this application, however the chair of governors – or the head teacher acting on their behalf – must complete the declaration on behalf of the school that is applying.

You can save your work and come back to it at any time. Ensure you save your work regularly.

Before you start

What you need to have ready to apply.

We would advise you to contact your regional schools commissioner's office to discuss your plans before starting your application.

You’ll need to have decided whether the school wants to:

  • join an existing multi-academy trust
  • form a new multi-academy trust with other schools
  • form a single academy trust on their own

As well as more general information about the school, you’ll need details of:

  • its finances including:
    • capital and revenue for last year, this year and next year
    • any loans
    • any leases
  • projected pupil numbers for the next 3 years
  • its buildings including any:
    • shared use
    • grants
    • PFI schemes
    • building work
  • who owns the land the school is on
  • the consultation they ran on converting, or plans for one if they have not done it yet
  • the bank account for the school or trust that we can pay the school’s support grant into

If you are forming a new trust you will also need details of the:

  • proposed name of the trust (although this can be changed later)
  • reasons for forming a new trust
  • plans for growing the new trust
  • plans for improving teaching
  • key people involved such as:
    • members of the trust
    • trustees
    • the chair of the trust
  • other schools forming the trust

You’ll also need evidence that the school has permission to convert including:

  • a resolution passed by the school’s governing body
  • a letter from the new trust the school is joining – or minutes of their board meeting
  • a letter of consent from the diocese – if it’s a faith school
  • a letter of consent from the foundation trust – if it’s a foundation school
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